MAWJAC International Martial Arts is based on an old Japanese form (Shi Toh Ryu) mixed with Aikido and Judo. MAWJAC's creed is that a martial artist surmounts obstacles, tangible or intangible. We achieve that goal through our rigorous training through line drills/combinations, kihon kumite, self defense, katas, and sparring/conditioning. We also teach weaponry as an extension of the practitioner.
Line Drills/Combinations:
The martial artist develops self control and self discipline through the repetitious motion of Line Drills and Combination.
Kihon Kumite:
Kihon kumite translates to "One time attack". In this section of our class, the Kihon kumite helps the practitioner learn self defense measures against an unarmed attacker. It also promotes focus keys that are essential for everyday life.