A Way of Life Instructions for belt ranking from white belt to black belt. Classes are for four months Test for new rank every four months Achieve black belt in 3 1/2 years Cost: $60 / month or 4 months for $200.00 ($40 savings )

Style:  MAWJAC International Martial Arts is based on an old Japanese form (Shi Toh Ryu) mixed with Aikido and Judo.
MAWJAC's creed is that a martial artist surmounts obstacles, tangible or intangible.  We achieve that goal through our 
rigorous training through line drills/combinations, kihon kumite, self defense, katas, and sparring/conditioning.  We also
teach weaponry as an extension of the practitioner.

Line Drills/Combinations: The martial artist develops self control and self discipline through the repetitious motion of Line
Drills and Combination.

Kihon Kumite: Kihon kumite translates to "One time attack".  In this section of our class, the Kihon kumite helps the 
practitioner learn self defense measures against an unarmed attacker.  It also promotes focus keys that are essential
for everyday life.

Self Defense: In times like these where attacks are on an increase, self defense in a necessary tool for everyone.
MAWJAC instructs in counter measures to avoid an attack as well as how to deal with an attacker, unarmed or armed.

Katas:  It is MAWJAC's belief that the katas are the backbone to a martial artist.  Katas are pre-arranged techniques of 
fighting more than one person.  This is time where a martial artist can practice as hard as they want to without hurting anyone
while at the same time develop their balance and timing.

Sparring/Conditioning:  This portion of our class is designed to help our students get into shape as well as develop timing and 
target focus while training with another.


Class Schedule
  1. (Age 8 - Adult)
    Tuesday / Thursday 6:30-7:45;
  2. (Ages 4 - 7)
    MAWJAC KKC Academy
    Saturdays 9:30-10:30
  3. Women's Self Defense Class
    Saturdays 10:30-11:30). 
  4. Programs: Family Programs, Kid programs.